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You could be any age.

I once met a 22-year-old Stanford grad, double majoring in things like Neurobiology and Labor Economics, and interning in one of the major American law firms, who was absolutely exasperated. “I am the only one of my friends who has not decided on her career! And I am already 22!”

And then there is Carmen Herrera, painter, who sold her first painting at age 89, and continued to have her work exhibited in Tate Modern and the MOMA.

Blossoming later can mean many things: later than people usually pick your career path, later than your loved ones think is OK to try, later than you yourself thought appropriate.


You are in the middle of a career transition and are tired of negative voices around you.

Family and friends think you are making a big mistake. Professional career advice addresses you as the wilted workhorse who needs to overcome prejudice by sparkling young powers-that-be.

Stay tuned to this channel for a different, proactive approach and belief system, and please – please – join the conversation.


Or, you have always wanted to do _______, but feel like it’s now somehow too late.

I did not choose the header image on this page for no reason. It spoke to me so poignantly about how chained we all are to the idea that one can only find herself at some young age when instincts are easily followed and perfect careers miraculously chosen.

Not so!

Most people blossom later, or, I should say , could blossom later if they tried. And if you are thinking about not trying, remember that you will always feel a hankering for your native talents – those that family, society, or a hard life obliterated along the way. That is another thing that the image above represents: that we are always also chained to our true calling. This blog is here to encourage you to respond to it.


Or, you are stuck in an exhausting, soul-crushing career, but don’t know what else you would do.

Here is the thing: you do know. It may take some work and dedication to find that out, and it could very well be that you have forsaken the possibility that is best suited for you (I certainly did for a long time!), but it’s there. We’ll talk here about how to find your thing, or, perhaps your thing for now (better than the soul-crushing job, right?).

It is also OK not to know. Said Pablo Picasso: “You have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it should be a vague idea.” Let it blossom.


And, you don’t know where and when to even start thinking about career change!

I understand. Most of us feel overwhelmed, tired, and stuck in our routines –  but it is as simple as starting somewhere: perhaps reading this blog, perhaps just being with like-minded people. After that…well, who knows. Blossoming must mean a proper process: nourishment, exposure, persistence…and, just like every plant, every person is different!

My husband alerted me to the fact that the title of this blog could be interpreted to mean: “don’t blossom now”. And you know what? That’s OK too. I think that most of us in this boat have not yet blossomed, and no matter where you are in the process, this blog is here for you.


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