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Nonessentialism: The #1 Obstacle to Smart People’s Success

So, I have been reading this book called “Essentialism – A Disciplined Pursuit of Less”. While I am typically a hater of the nouveau-entrepreneurial pseudo-philosophical genre a la Malcolm Gladwell, I also know that I can use any help I can get with reigning in my dilettante mind. So, I ordered the book. Now, you are thinking that I will draw… Read more →

5 Reasons Why 2015 is the Year for Your Career Change

Are you resentful that you have to drag yourself to the office five mornings a week? Do your moods shift from miserable Mondays to hopeful Thursdays, from ecstatic Fridays to depressed Sundays? That was me five years ago. Sure, I made good money; sure, I looked good on paper with a Project Management job in a big law firm. I even thought it… Read more →