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How to Tackle an Impossibly Massive To-Do List

Construction is a great metaphor for life: things always take longer than you think, people you rely on can be irresponsible, sloppy or forgetful, and it is marvelously easy to get overwhelmed. In the past couple of months, while renovating a glorious little fixer-upper, my husband and I took turns getting anxiety attacks when weekends came and we confronted the… Read more →

Nonessentialism: The #1 Obstacle to Smart People’s Success

So, I have been reading this book called “Essentialism – A Disciplined Pursuit of Less”. While I am typically a hater of the nouveau-entrepreneurial pseudo-philosophical genre a la Malcolm Gladwell, I also know that I can use any help I can get with reigning in my dilettante mind. So, I ordered the book. Now, you are thinking that I will draw… Read more →